Building Environment Resources Ltd are accredited as a testing laboratory by INAB (the Irish National Accreditation Board).

In 2022 we were awarded accreditation by INAB after completing an overall assessment of our company’s processes. All aspects of our testing, including equipment calibration and maintenance, administration, and employee training are covered by our ISO quality management system.

Our INAB accreditation ensures our customers receive a first class service in both Airtightness testing and Acoustics/Vibration testing.


Accreditation is objective proof that organisations have the competence to comply with best practice and sustain high standards of performance. It is the independent evaluation by an authoritative body of conformity assessment bodies to carry out specific activities – in our case testing. As an INAB accredited company, we have been assessed against internationally recognised standards and will continue to maintain a high standard of expertise, which is monitored by INAB on a regular basis. It ensures integrity, impartiality and competence when requesting our services. ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation is the most important standard for testing laboratories globally. In Ireland this accreditation is awarded to INAB ISO 17025 accredited laboratories who have demonstrated that they are able to produce precise and accurate test data and are technically proficient.
inab accreditation

Acoustics and vibrations testing, mechanical testing 
– Category B – Public testing service

Sound Insulation & Airtightness Testing INAB Accreditation

All data related to testing can be traced in accordance with national and international standards.

All test equipment is correctly maintained, calibrated, and transported safely.
First class customer service, monitored by our ISO quality management system.
It ensures our customers receive a first class service in both Airtightness and Sound testing.
Confidence in the test results, inspection reports and certifications.
All testing is current and best practice.
Quality assurance of test data.
Our staff are technically competent and trained to the correct standards.


Specify that an INAB accredited specialist is required to carry out the Airtightness test or Acoustics/Vibration test to ISO:17025. We’ll take it from there!